Public Policy Analysis: Proposing Solutions


This week’s Assignment emphasizes your analysis of a selected public policy.  Our content theme this week is policy analysis – the process of defining the public policy concern through the process of reaching a conclusion regarding the best possible solution to a public policy concern.

Below, I have included the discussion topic criteria, followed by tips / hints in bold text.

•What public policy solution(s) may alleviate the public policy concerning issue? (First – Identify the issue, and then address possible solutions.)

•    What could your local or state governments, or the federal government, do? **What solutions could local, state, or the federal government provide?

•    What could individuals or groups do? **What solutions could specific individuals or organizations, interest groups, etc. provide?

•    Assess the cost-benefits for either taking action or not taking action. **Weigh the costs of inaction and the costs of providing a solution.

•    How feasible are your public policy solutions?  **Do your solutions “make sense,” and are they practical?

•    How might society react to your public policy solutions?  **What will be the response of your local community, the state community, American society, etc.?

•    What are the ethical implications of the public policy solution? **Apply ethical decision making here…What are the ethical considerations?

•    How can one better ‘frame’ the public policy solutions?  **What is the best approach to reaching a solution?