In the following format respond to each question in a separate paragraph (1- 2- 3 & 4): 1A) Discuss the two most significant natural threats facing the United States 1B) Include a relative exampl

In the following format respond to each question in a separate paragraph (1, 2, 3 & 4):

1A) Discuss the two most significant natural threats facing the United States? 1B) Include a relative example or scenario for each.

2A) In 2020 and 2021 the spread of the pandemic, Covid-19 has resulted in death and sickness throughout the world. Discuss the role that globalization played in this pandemic? 2B) Include a real-life example to demonstrate your points in 1A.

3A) Discuss two of the problems in South American countries, discussed in the e-text that are contributing to an increase in immigration at the U.S. southern border? 3B) Discuss two policies, one by a South American country and 3C) one by the United States that could help to resolve this human suffering?

4A) Discuss “securitization,” and a military concern for the United States today? Explain and include an example. 4B) Which discussion from the e-text was most concerning to you? Explain!