Critical Thinking #5

Sociocentric thinking.

Since this is a Sociology course, we would be remiss to ignore the  problem of superficial thinking which can occur on a societal level.   Many of the same challenges we face in our own personal thinking (e.g.,  closed mindedness, insufficient questioning, lack of appropriate  communication, etc.) can also be found on a larger social and cultural  level.  These pitfalls are often interwoven in our social institutions  such as the media, education, and politics to mention a few.  

Please  read and carefully contemplate the page titled, “The problem of  sociocentric thinking” in your critical thinking booklet.  Based on what  you have read, do you support or refute the notion that the United  States is a sociocentric country?  Why or why not?  Use the bulleted  statements on that page to support your stance by giving very specific  examples.