COGS Est. (4 points) Relative Sales Value Jermaine Dye Corporation acquired two inventory items at a lump-sum cost of $50-000.

COGS Est. (4 points) Relative Sales Value Jermaine Dye Corporation acquired two inventory items at a lump-sum cost of $50,000. The acquisition included 3,000 units of product A, and 7,000 units of product B. Product A normally sells for $15 per unit, and product B for $5 per unit. If Dye sells 1,000 units of product A, what amount of gross profit should it recognize? A. b. c. d. $1,875 $5,625.

City Inc. claims that they produce skittles with the following distributions:

City Inc. claims that they produce skittles with the following distributions:

Brown  30%  Red  20%  Yellow  20%  Orange  10%  Green  10%  Blue  10%

A bag of skittles was randomly selected from the grocery store shelf, and the color counts were:

Brown  25  Red  23  Yellow  21  Orange  13  Green  15  Blue  14

Using the χ2 goodness of fit test (α = 0.10) to determine if the proportion of skittles is what is claimed. Select the [p-value, Decision to Reject (RH0) or Failure to Reject (FRH0)].


[p-value = 0.535, FRH0]


[p-value = 0.232, RH0]


[p-value = 0.465, FRH0]


[p-value = 0.465, RH0]


[p-value = 0.535, RH0]


None of the above

Choose a public company in the food industry. Analyze the financial statements and assess whether the financial performance has improved or declined…

Choose a public company in the food industry. Analyze the financial statements and assess whether the financial performance has improved or declined year-over-year.Analysis techniques include the following:•comparative financial statements•trend analysis•ratio analysis•percentage analysis Presentation of 5–10 PowerPoint slides that includes the following: •At least 3 slides relevant to the analysis prepared•An analysis of the performance of the firm based on the analysis tools used•A summary of the company’s financial performance and assessment of whether it has improved or declined year-over-year in terms of profitability, asset utilization, and liquidity

Code Sample 1 : int a- b- c; a = 40 ; b = 10 ; c = a + b; System. out .println( c is + c); Code Sample 2 : int a; a = 2 ; System. out .println(a +…

: a, b, c;a = ;b = ;c = a + b;System..println( + c);Code Sample : a;a = ;System..println(a + + (a – ));Code Sample : apples = ; pears = ; fruit;apples = ;fruit = apples + pears;pears = ;System..println( + apples + + pears);System..println( + fruit);Code Sample : a, b, c, d, e;a = ;b = ;c = ;d = b;e = ;b = c;a = b – a;c = e + c;d = a;e = e + ;System..println(a + + b + + c + + d + + e);

  1. How does Code Sample 3 illustrate the importance of


  2. The code apples = 5; is an example of which kind of programming statement?
  3. What


    does the computer perform when it executes the statement b = c; from Code Sample 4? (


    Think in terms of what has been taught in the lectures and notes. You do not need to research what happens at the hardware level as that is outside the scope of the unit.)
  4. What


    does the computer perform when it executes the statement c = e + c; from Code Sample 4?
  5. How would the value of variable i change in the statement i = i + 1;?

Choose a Theological doctrine discussed in the course and write a 1-250-2000 word research paper in current turabian format. Your paper must include…

Choose a Theological doctrine discussed in the course and write a 1,250-2000 word research paper in current turabian format. Your paper must include the following sections.

1Statement of Topic (1 paragraph). Describe the theological doctrine examined in your paper. Your topic must be a focused subtopic of a theological Area.

2. Philosophical foundations or Presuppositions (1-2 pages). State the philosophical assumption that must be made in order  to do theological analysis on this doctrine.

Examples include View of the Bible, belief in the supernatural, understanding of science etc. Discuss any philosophical viewpoints that cause tension when performing theological analysis on this doctrine. Examples include the relationship between religion and psychology, etc.

3. Biblical Evaluation (1-2 pages) Survey major Biblical teachings on this doctrine throughout the Bible, listing  biblical references is not sufficient for this section.  Teaching must be categorized to describe a coherent understanding of the Bible witness as a whole.

Historical (1-2 pages). Survey how your chosen doctrine has been understood throughout the history of Christian Church. Make sure the following time periods are addressed, describing the continuity and discontinuity of doctrine are development throughout history .

a. the ancient Church (100AD-950 AD)

The Medieval Church (590-1517 AD)

c. The Reformation and counter Reformation (1517-1648 AD)

d. The modern Church (1648- present)

5. Theological  formation (1-2 pages)Describe the various theological methods used to synthesize biblical and historical theology into a theological doctrine. After surveying the various  methods , present the model you believe most accurately describes the biblical teachings. Support your claim with sufficient  logical reasoning, scholarly sources and scriptures.

6. Practical application (1-2 pages). Describe the importance of doctrine for life. Examine how the doctrine impacts your personal life, the CHhurch community and culture.

7. A separate bibliography page must be included citing all scholarly sources used. Your paper must cite at least 3 scholarly sources in addition to the Bible and textbook. your paper must also include a cover page and footnotes.  The bibliography page and cover page do not count towards the length requirement . Please read  carefully.


CHILD ABUSE (was my topic) annotated bibliography As a way to document the research you conducted thus far- create annotated bibliography for the…

CHILD ABUSE (was my topic)

annotated bibliography

As a way to document the research you conducted thus far, create annotated bibliography for the topic of your Psychology Research Report. Your annotated bibliography must include 3 different sources. These sources can include journals, periodicals, books, credible Internet articles (e.g. .org, .gov, or .net), etc

COBOL from COBOL For The 21st Century 11th Chapter 8 page 340 question 5 Write a program for the Electra Modeling Agency. The problem definition is…

COBOL from COBOL For The 21st Century 11th Chapter 8 page 340 question 5Write a program for the Electra Modeling Agency. The problem definition is shown in Figure 8.5 (attached document). Output is a printed report with the names of all:weighting between 185 and 200 pounds.b). blonde hair, brown-eyed females between 5 feet 2 inches and 5 foot 6 inches and weighting between 110 and 125 pounds.*all other combinations should not be printed. For each record printed, include the actual colors for eyes and hair.*my input file is named C0803.DAT let me know if you would like a copy of it and I will be glad to send it to you.

Colin Drury- Management and Cost Accounting Traditions Ltd Traditions Ltd Adapted by Jayne Ducker- Antony Head- (Sheffield Hallam University) and…

Adapted by Jayne Ducker, Antony Head, (Sheffield Hallam University) and Susan Richardson (University of Bradford Management Centre); updated by Martin Quinn

This case study is taken from Ducker, J., Head, A., McDonnell, B., O’Brien, R. and Richardson, S.(1998), A Creative Approach to Management Accounting: Case Studies in Management Accountingand Control, Sheffield Hallam University Press, ISBN 086339 791 3.

Traditions Limited is a family-owned and managed, traditional department store situated in Breezyfield,a city in the north of England. The Store was established some sixty years ago by the current owners’father, who passed on the business to his three sons on his death. All three sons are still deeplyinvolved in the running of the business, even though they are now in their sixties, and none of themhave children to whom to pass on the business. The Store occupies 100,000 square metres of the mainshopping district in the city centre. The management team of Traditions Limited pride themselves on running a store which retains the standards of service and customer relationships usually associatedwith a bygone era, despite the massive growth in online retailing.

The Store has four retailing departments (Furnishings, Kitchenware, Menswear and Toys) and aRestaurant. Each department is managed by a departmental manager and recently Samantha wasappointed to the post of departmental manager of the Toy Department. She is in her early thirties andis studying on a part-time basis at Sheffield Hallam University for a degree in Accounting andManagement Control (she is currently in her final year).

Albert is the departmental manager of Menswear and he is also Samantha’s great uncle. He used to bea Sergeant in the Police Force and will be celebrating his 65th birthday shortly. Samantha and Albert donot agree on many issues and often argue. Kitchenware is managed by Joseph and Furnishings ismanaged by Arthur. Joseph and Arthur joined the Store round the same year, beginning their careers inretailing as junior sales assistants and working their way up to their current management roles. Bothare now in their middle fifties and pride themselves on knowing their regular customers by name.

Claude, who previously worked for Traditions for a number of years as a chef, was promoted to manager of the Restaurant some time ago. Claude achieved some fame a number of years ago whenhe entered and won a potato-sculpting competition. His prize was an all-expenses-paid weekend inParis and he was interviewed by local television. This attracted favourable publicity for TraditionsLimited. However, Claude does have an explosive temper and has been known to ‘lash out’ at his twoassistants, Tracy and Paul. He sets very high standards for the Restaurant and will throw-away cookeddishes which do not meet these standards. He spends the majority of his time in the kitchen andintensely dislikes ‘paperwork’, constantly complaining that it stifles his creativity. The ‘French Cuisine’menu offered by the restaurant is extensive and creative, but it is generally felt within the company

that the prices charged sometimes barely cover the food cost, although this cannot be substantiatedbecause information is not collected.

Claude revises menus weekly, ordering food supplies from local suppliers on a daily basis. There is nostock control system in operation in the Restaurant. The kitchen equipment is quite old and has notbeen regularly maintained. For example, the dough mixer keeps breaking down and the safety catch onthe steamer is missing.

Claude claims that, if he were given additional capital to refurbish and equip the kitchen, he would beable to generate even more business for the Restaurant. In addition, new European Union regulationsconcerning cook-chill facilities mean that Traditions Limited will soon have to spend a considerableamount of money in upgrading the kitchen’s food keeping facilities.

The storage of stock presents problems for Traditions Limited. Merchandise and stock is delivered toone store-room for all departments other than the restaurant, where deliveries are made directly to thekitchen area. Deliveries are not checked or counted in any way and items are placed on any shelveswhich are free. As a result, staff often find it difficult to locate products and thus customers are often

Purchases for resaleOpening stockClosing stock

400.0 255.0 263.0

Non-management 75.0 wages

Departmental 21.0 expenses

Colin Drury, Management and Cost Accounting – Traditions Ltd

left waiting for long periods. All staff are allowed into the stock-room and, on odd occasions,customers have been known to wander in by mistake.

All records of the Store are maintained on manual systems.

In the past the Store has operated profitably. However, the most recent financial statements revealeda small loss for the previous trading period. This came as quite a shock to the owners and is causinggreat concern.

Prior to this news, and in a move which seems to have been totally unrelated to it, the family membersdecided to appoint a Managing Director in order to take some of the workload from their own shoulders. They appointed Vijay as the Store’s first Managing Director and when he takes up hisappointment he will be the first ‘non-family’ member to be employed in a senior managerial role. He iswell qualified for the job, having gained valuable retail experience with Sparks and Mention plc, aleading department store chain with a first class management training programme and an excellentgrowth and profits record. His first post with Sparks and Mention plc was as a graduate trainee and heprogressed to store manager of one of the company’s stores in the affluent south east of England.

As a result of the reported loss for the previous trading period, the family members called a meeting ofthe Store’s employees to discuss the situation. This type of meeting was unprecedented in the historyof the Store. Prior to the meeting, a suggestion box was set up and attendees were asked to putforward suggestions for improving the profitability of the Store.

One suggestion for improving the profitability of the Store was the closure of the Toy Department,another suggestion was the closure of the Restaurant and a third suggestion was an across the boardprice reduction of 5% in order to stimulate demand. In each case the source of the suggestion was not identified.

Unfortunately, when the family members asked for information to assist in evaluating thesesuggestions, this was hampered by the lack of management information produced within thecompany. Apparently, the recording systems were geared to maintaining records for governmentregulatory bodies, such as Customs and Excise and the Inland Revenue, and to assist the companysecretary in the production of the year-end financial statements.

Since Samantha is studying for an accounting degree, she was asked to tackle the job of seeking outinformation which might be helpful. The information she produced is set out below. It identifiesrevenues and costs incurred during the previous trading period. The family members were soimpressed with the information she produced that they asked her to consider taking on the additionalrole of management accountant in the company.

The company staffs all the Departments by using a core of full time staff to cover a minimum demandlevel and a flexible workforce of part time staff to work as and when required, with no guaranteedminimum or maximum number of hours for part-time staff.

On the assumption that the costs for this trading period will not change significantly from those of theprevious period, prepare marginal costing statements to show contributions for each department andcontribution and profit for the Store overall on the basis of:

  1. a) all departments remaining in operation;

Charlotte Robinson Acct 220.15 Question 1: Suggested time 45 minutes: 40% points a. General Journal Entries: Date Account 12/31/2014 Cash Final Exam…

I am need help! I am not understanding how to prepare  this general journal entries, adjusting entries, adjusted trial balance, balance sheet, and the closing entries. Please see attachments

  • Attachment 1
  • Attachment 2

Name: Charlotte Robinson Acct 220.Sp.15Question 1: Suggested time 45 minutes: 40% pointsa. General Journal Entries:DateAccount12/31/2014 Cash Final Exam Debit1,500 Accounts Receivable b….